A Country House | 720nm Mono IR | X100s


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One of the advantages of occasionally working away is that of seeing some new sights, or, as in this instance, sights seen before however not for a very long time. Whilst staying overnight at the Trigony House Hotel just outside Thornhill, not very long ago, I had the good fortune to be able to take a couple of cameras along, one of them being my recently IR converted X100s which I have been keen to put through its paces. Of course, knowing how picturesque the scenery is out this way, it had always been my intention to make a few shots during my short stay, weather permitting and, though I had hoped the early evening sky would be clear and allow me the chance to make some more vibrant, faux-colour frames, it wasn’t – so instead I shot with mono output in mind.

The hotel itself is extremely photo-worthy but the house right next door (presumably the owners live here) was far more attractive to my eyes – rustic, old-worldly, characterful and in need of a little repair in places, which only seemed to add to to its already immense charm. Though the light was dull, the sky mercilessly overcast and the full effect of IR not really recognised here because of the lack of direct, stronger sunlight, I still like the final output.

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2014.09.04 Trigony IRs [Lr4] (1)1/100th | f5.6 | ISO:1250 | 720nm IR – Mono | Lr4.4

2014.09.04 Trigony IRs [Lr4] (2)1/100th | f5.6 | ISO:1000 | 720nm IR – Mono | Lr4.4


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