Glasgow 2014 | 20th Commonwealth Games: Opening Ceremony | 1st Dress Rehearsal


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Saturday the 19th July 2014: the first full dress rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, being held here, in Scotland. To say that I felt privileged, fortunate, extremely lucky to be able to attend any part of one of the biggest events in recent Scottish history, along with three members of my family – has to be a major understatement. After waiting for almost an hour outside Celtic Park along with countless thousands of others, in torrential rain, we soggily made our way in to find shelter in row QQ. The arena before us, laid out with countless props for the rehearsal, reflecting in perfect symmetry on a flooded ground as the rain continued to pour down. We were so happy to be seated under cover. As bottoms in soaking wet jeans welded themselves to plastic seats, anticipation was building. Iconic landmarks from Scotland’s many counties depicted before us – it wasn’t difficult to figure out which angle that the proceedings might take; and, rightly so! Amazing performances from Karen Dunbar, John Barrowman, Susan Boyle, Amy MacDonald and the incredible Nicola  Benedetti were a huge highlight, however, one of the promises that everyone attending had to keep was to not divulge anything at all from the rehearsal itself to anyone (see image no.8!) and, we were also told that certain surprises would even be kept from us that night, hence, I have not been able to post any of these images until now. (Watching the ceremony this evening, it’s wonderful to see the Tea Cakes with their wrappers on!)

Without going into some kind of verbal walk-through of the Opening Ceremony itself, and if you’re reading this then you have probably already seen it (so, what would be the point?!) I’m simply going to post a number of shots taken from my seat on the night of the first full rehearsal. The participants, and obvious necessary stand-ins, did an amazing job for their first full run-through and I honestly believe that around 20,000 others in attendance on Saturday would feel the same. As for pride, whether national or personal, it was palpable. Glasgow 2014 promises to be very special!

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[Click each for enlarged viewing - resized for web]

2014.07.19 CWG 1st Rehearsal (2) 2014.07.19 CWG 1st Rehearsal (3) 2014.07.19 CWG 1st Rehearsal (5) 2014.07.19 CWG 1st Rehearsal (9)

2014.07.19 CWG 1st Rehearsal (13) 2014.07.19 CWG 1st Rehearsal (16) 2014.07.19 CWG 1st Rehearsal (18)

2014.07.19 CWG 1st Rehearsal (20) 2014.07.19 CWG 1st Rehearsal (24) 2014.07.19 CWG 1st Rehearsal (25)


Though the images posted here are just for fun and all (obviously) shot from the same position , I still take them reasonably seriously. With an obvious ban at the venue on commercial photography, my little GR V was all I could safely take with me and so, 28mm from thirty or so rows back from the action is extremely wide – but for the environment on the night, it turned out to be pretty ideal.

Of course I need to mention one particular “Clydesider” who is volunteering and working at one of the events at the Games, and without her, we’d never have been invited. Massive thanks to Chloe – enjoy the Games!

2014.07.19 CWG 1st Rehearsal (30)


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