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Photography is my passion; for reminders of those faces and easily missed moments and ensuring that they stay around for much longer than they ever could have lasted. Time is precious and I do my best to keep such moments around for the simple reason that each is so fleeting. Blink, and they have already disappeared. But it’s not only for me; for those who have graced the spaces between their faces and my lens, I hope that they too, as well as those who love them, have memories that they’ll cherish and often want to look fondly back upon. I read somewhere, some time ago, that a photographer should always treat their subject with the same respect that they themselves would wish to be treated. I hope, whether it be a face, a scene or a simple still-life, that I have always done so.


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2013.09.15 Sunflower (3)


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2014.04.03 Amy [LR4] (9)


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2013.10.29 A708 600nm IR (22)


Though we work in an increasingly digital world, I carry the very same ethics from my film shooting days of getting it as right as possible at the shutter. Despite post processing being something of a necessity it is something I generally do little of. I don’t even own a copy of Photoshop. For me, it’s about camera craft and, that’s what I love the most – next to the final image, of course. A number of my photographs have been published & exhibited over the last 15 years and such achievements only serve to make me improve my work further, wherever I possibly can. (Images posted are processed from RAW / DNG in Adobe Lightroom 4.4 only.)

The finer details have always been a source of fascination therefore my favourite areas of working are unsurprisingly in portraiture and macro / close-up photography, however my work does not only extend to these two particular areas as I hope that some of my developing pages will show.

Thank you for taking a look at my pages and I do hope that some of my work here gives you at least a little pleasure.


Moffat, Scotland.

All images posted within this domain (rob.lowe.photo) are the sole property of the poster and are therefore subject to various domestic and international copyright laws. As such, no copying, redistributing or re-posting of any such images from this domain is permitted in any form whatsoever, without prior written permission from the owner of the works. 

©2013 – 2014  Rob Lowe Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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3 thoughts on “about rob.lowe.photo”

  1. Rob,

    I notice when I click on Entries or Comments in the left column of navigation links I get pages of XML code. I’m not sure if this is a problem on my notebook or setup issues on your WordPress site. I found your reply to my comments buried in the code under Comments.

    What adapter do you use for the Rokkor on the M Mount?


    • Hi Rick. Thanks for the heads up. I will take a look this evening. The Rokkor is an M mount lens so no adapter required. (Actually made by Leica but badged Minolta).

      Kindest regards,

    • Hi Rick.
      I have had a look at both RSS links and neither are configured properly. This is something that I will need to look into further as WP’s help pages don’t seem to be providing me with answers to this problem and RSS is a tad over my head. I can only suggest in the meantime, as a workaround, clicking “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” below comments box, until I can get this issue resolved.

      Thanks for letting me know and I’ll do what I can to get it fixed.

      Kindest regards,

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