A Little Autumn Colour | Sigma DP3 Merrill


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Whilst out for a wander with my newly acquired Sigma DP3 Merrill this morning (and, not long before the heavens threatened to ruin it all) I did manage to snatch a few frames. At a later date, I will be posting a few of my thoughts on this rather quirky little camera, but now at least, I can see what the fuss is all about when it comes to image quality. I look forward immensely to exploring the DP3M further.


[Images are resized for web: please click to enlarge]

rlp.aut.colours.dp3m (2)1/400th | f6.3 | ISO:100 | Handheld

rlp.aut.colours.dp3m (1)1/100th | f8 | ISO:100 | Handheld

rlp.aut.colours.dp3m (3)1/200th | f6.3 | ISO:100 | Handheld

rlp.aut.colours.dp3m (4)3.2s | f16 | ISO:100 | Tripod


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